The Port Charlotte New testament Church of God was organized in December of 1984 under the leadership of Reverend Robert Skinner. Reverend and Mrs. Skinner came to the Port Charlotte area in 1982 from Hartford Connecticut; they began worshiping in North Port at a Bank and soon after rented space at Popa Pools located at 929 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte. The Skinners labored faithfully even at times alone in worship service. Reverend Skinner with a big heart and willing to serve the lord began looking for a property to build. 

In 1986, with only a handful of followers, Reverend Skinner contacted Reverend Fennis Huggins in Stanford Connecticut. The General and State Church of God Headquarters, Reverend Peter Barrett from the Blue Hills Church of God and Reverend Fennis Huggins pooled their resources together and came up with the down-payment for the land.

In October of 1988, Reverend Fennis, and Mrs. Gritley Huggins along with their youngest daughter Serena left Connecticut and came to Port Charlotte to take on the ministry. Reverend and Mrs. Huggins were faithful to the call of God and ministered in the community. The church began to grow. “Paul plants Appolus watered, but God gives the increase”.


In 1989, while still worshiping at Popa Pools, God blessed the small group of brethren and the land was finally paid off. In September 1990, a still small group of highly favored people stood on the land at Midway Boulevard and declared “to God be the Glory”. With shovels in hand, Reverend Robert Skinner and wife Gloria Skinner, Mrs. Gritley Huggins, Reverend and Mrs. Cecile Wiltshire, Mrs. Matilda Lee, Reverend Henderson, Mrs. Shirley Hylton, Ms. Lanie Lewis other friends and well-wishers, broke ground at the Midway Blvd.

December 14th 1991, was a day of celebration as we walked into our new edifice and dedicated it to the Glory of God. Motivated by their love for the Lord and a passion for winning souls, Reverend and Mrs. Huggins served tirelessly. In 1995, with the growing community Pastor and his then lovely wife along with the congregation thought of a way to keep the youth within the church. It was at this time that plans were made for a fellowship hall where the youth could play games and enjoy themselves,


In 1996, our fellowship hall was completed and dedicated to the Lord. The fellowship hall has not only served our church; but other churches within the community. We honor Almighty God for he has brought us a mighty long way. With souls still at heart, Pastor Huggins was always looking for ways in which to help others, and so we the congregation, with the leading of our Pastor decided to start a church in Africa and we immediately began fund raising events to this end.

On Sunday April 3rd, 2005 the church suffered a great loss, when suddenly our First Lady Gritley was ushered away into eternity. This was very hard on us but most of all our beloved Pastor, but he kept the faith and was always busy for the master. Knowing that there was still more to be done, Pastor continued tirelessly leading this flock.

In the latter part of 2006, the lord sent Pastor a wonderful woman of God – Ms Helen Green – to be his wife. She loves the lord, and is a wonderful musician, working alongside her husband in the Master’s vineyard. Together they along with the congregation are continuing in the ministry.

In 2007, with God in the lead we were able to build a church in Sierra Leone, and in the year 2010 God blessed us again and another church was planted in Zanzibar, Africa. To God be the Glory; we the members and supporters of the Port Charlotte New Testament Church of God will continue to spread the gospel to a dying nation; with the love of God we will reach out to others that are in need. Continue to pray for us, as we seek to do the Masters will.